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Findaway Lan Party

05 Apr
April 5, 2013

Many companies have fun events that allow employees to interact and have fun. These events are usually small parties or get-togethers. Here at Findaway we  like to do things a little differently. Two weeks ago we had our first ever LAN party. It was a great event and was a lot of fun. We played a game called Company of heroes for PC which everyone purchased on the Steam platform for only 10 dollars.


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Insert Spine Labeling

07 Sep
September 7, 2012

A few weeks ago I finished a project that would allow our printing on demand process to print out information directly on inserts instead of having to manually create labels and stick them on the inserts by hand. My last blog post was actually all about that. After the completion of that project our sales department wanted to add more to the project. The goal was to allow for the spine labeling portion of the program to become fully automated and read the information for the spine right out of Marc records. Marc records are a type of file our company uses that contain information about audio and video titles we have. To accomplish this task I would need to create another program and adding to the existing program. Read more →

Insert Labeling

19 Jul
July 19, 2012

Recently I was assigned the task of helping to create a solution to replace our current insert labeling process. Specific libraries request that their playaways and views are hand labeled with whatever information they want, for example a bar-code on the box to assist with checking the content in and out, or a spine label to help organize the content on the library shelves. The libraries were not able to facilitate this on their own.  It was a very manual process to get the data, print it out on labels, and put the labels on every unit being shipped. One of the ideas floating around was to try and incorporate all of this information right on the the playaway or views insert cover. The art department made a mock up of what areas on the inserts we could use and gave us a sample of how it could look. Once this idea was approved I started to design the application that would automate this process. I decided to write the application in c# and started to look for a library that would assist with the PDF editing portion of this project. The library I found was the iTextSharp library which allows for adding text and images to preexisting PDFs. The next step was to create bar-codes for the inserts. After doing some research and finding out what specific bar-code formats the library wanted to use, we purchased a bar-code creating software with c# libraries that could incorporated into the project. The bar-codes would be generated as an image, and the image could be inserted onto the PDF.

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