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Extending NetSuite with the SuiteScript API

09 May
May 9, 2013

SuiteScript is a JavaScript-based API that gives developers the ability to extend NetSuite beyond the capabilities provided through SuiteBuilder point-and-click customization.

The majority of NetSuite forms, records, customization objects and their event/trigger points are programmatically accessible through SuiteScript. What you decide to do with SuiteScript depends on which part of NetSuite you are trying to extend, search, or process.

What can I do with the SuiteScript API?

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How I survived SuiteWorld 2012

15 Mar
March 15, 2013

The purpose of this trip was to attend SuiteWorld 2012 (NetSuite’s annual customer conference for customers, users, partners, media and industry analysts) and gain as much out of it as possible.

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NetSuite’s Answer to Platform 9¾

16 Aug
August 16, 2012

One of my favorite pieces of creative writing has been the outrageously popular Harry Potter series. In particular, I’ve always appreciated how J. K. Rowling has managed to weave little pieces of realism into the story by referencing common elements of modern society to offset the wild and wonderful world of wizardry. Take for example the concept of taking a train to Hogwarts, and only being able to access that train from a special platform —

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Customer Service Phone Call Tracking

29 Jun
June 29, 2012

At Findaway, we realized that one area that needed improvement was in tracking customer service phone calls.  Sales Administrators were taking several customer service phone calls on a daily basis. Other than putting a hash mark on a tracking sheet, there was no other documentation of the phone call. No details were being recorded and there was no follow up on issues. Also there was no reporting available on the phone calls other than the number of calls received.

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