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Outsmarting Your Users

19 Sep
September 19, 2012

Often times in the tech industry we believe ourselves to be smarter than the users of the technology we develop.  Or, at a minimum we believe we know our users well enough that we make certain design decisions base on how we believe they will use our technology.  This is not necessarily a bad thing in most instances.  After all, we are the creators of the technology.  It’s reasonable to assume that we know a good deal about that which we are creating.  At least, one would hope so.  :-)

Recently, I was working on an Android app where I needed to download a particular set of files. This task was fairly autonomous. I was content to start the download task and let it do it’s thing in whatever time it took.  I am aware of the fragile state of today’s <insert number here>G networks and was hopeful that I planned accordingly.  I would wait until enough of the first file was finished downloading before I used it in another task.  That however should not keep me from starting another task so long as I did actually plan accordingly.  I mean, really… who tries to use something before they actually have it?  Duh!

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Viewing Differences Between Images with Github

31 Aug
August 31, 2012

GitHub is great for coding and development work, but what about design work? For designers who aren’t yet sold on the idea of using GitHub for version controlling projects, I’d recommend checking out this tool that helps point out differences between versions of images. Read their post on the feature (revealed over a year ago) for a full overview, and check out the Demo to see it in action.

Showing before and after of changes in an image

Swipe Mode

Be sure to try out “Swipe” mode, which is my favorite. What a great way to see small differences between versions of illustrations/photos/logos/buttons when collaborating with others!

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