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Where are those netsuite country codes?

22 Mar
March 22, 2013

I ran into a problem this week where I discovered that our integration software (boomi) didn’t have the proper country maps, therefore leaving country blank on some of our sales orders.  We hadn’t run into the problem in the past because most of our sales were US and Canada, but now that we have various other countries, someone noticed that several sales orders had no country attached.  Digging in, I noticed that we use a cross reference table that had very incomplete data.

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console.log(’8 Javascript Debugging Tips’);

21 Mar
March 21, 2013

The webkit developer tools are the single most helpful front-end development resource I have. I use them every day, and wanted to share a few tricks I use to track down bugs or unexpected behaviors in my javascript code. My browser of choice is Chrome,  so all examples and screenshots below will be pulled from the Chrome console.

First, if you’re still using Alerts to give yourself feedback, please stop. The unobtrusive console.log statement will give you feedback that can be much more descriptive, and sticks around for as long as you want it to. To get started, use the shortcut CMD+Option+J (Windows: CTRL+SHIFT+J) to pull up the Chrome console any time. Alternatively, you can right click the page and hit ‘Inspect Element’ to bring the panel up, then select the ‘Console’ tab.

Logging All HTTP Requests Automatically

Screenshot of the javascript console right-click options

Right click in the console to bring up these options

This one is simple, but can save a lot of manual logging, and potentially reveal some unwanted/unexpected/unnecessary network calls. You can right click in your Console to reveal the option to “Log XMLHttpRequests.” This will show you a twirl-down stack of calls that resulted in the sending, and finishing of an XMLHttpRequest (like a jQuery $.ajax() call). Read more →

“Support” Roles in the Contemporary Workplace

18 Mar
March 18, 2013

Development positions rely on self-study, subject matter expert consultations, and a healthy dose of Google. What happens, though, when the issue at hand is not a matter of syntax, but one of personal support? What happens when, due to illness or injury, the developer’s ability to produce quality code is suddenly diminished?

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How I survived SuiteWorld 2012

15 Mar
March 15, 2013

The purpose of this trip was to attend SuiteWorld 2012 (NetSuite’s annual customer conference for customers, users, partners, media and industry analysts) and gain as much out of it as possible.

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Simplify Magento CSS Selectors

13 Mar
March 13, 2013

Magento Commerce is an excellent blend of enterprise class eCommerce engine with a very fine integrated content management system (CMS). Saving a CMS page automatically adds a page-specific class to the HTML body element that is very convenient for creating page-specific CSS selectors. However, if the CMS page title is longer than a couple words, the class name can be quite unwieldy, like so:

<body class="cms-page-view my-really-really-long-cms-page-title">

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Batman Uses Google

08 Mar
March 8, 2013

No Superman

If you think back to your childhood (or maybe the last Comicon) I am sure most of you can relate to the following conversation:

Sam: Superman would kick Batman’s butt! He can fly! He is super strong!

Jason: Batman has the Batmobile, and would just ….

Timmy: Hulk Hogan would body slam both of them and then run wild on Spiderman!

Everyone: Shut up Timmy!

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Bugs don’t always mean broken functionality

25 Nov
November 25, 2012

I was having an issue with one of our iOS apps that caused some major slowdowns. The app was loading cached data from the disk, but it was taking just as long as when it fetched from the web! Here’s a video demonstrating what happened:

Check after the break to see what was going wrong!

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Why the best tool for the job isn’t always the right tool for the job

09 Nov
November 9, 2012

We started our #hackaway with some lofty goals for hearquotes. I spent the day working with the team focused on developing the web application, and learned a lot in that 24 hours about javascript, web applications, my coworkers, and myself.

Early in the day, I made the decision to use Backbone to drive the web application. I knew that Ron, the other front end dev working with me, had some experience with Backbone, and I had been tinkering with it in a side project. There has been a really steep learning curve for me with backbone, and I still didn’t feel completely comfortable it, but felt like it was the best tool for the job. Plus, this was meant to be a day for learning, stepping out of my comfort zone, and working with a technology that I wasn’t necessarily familiar with, so I thought, “Let’s go for it.”

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Hacking the Findaway way

05 Nov
November 5, 2012

This past Thursday the Creative, IT, and Product Development teams got together and had our very first Hackathon, otherwise known as Hackaway.  The idea came from various other companies that we’ve heard do a 24-hour period of working on a new product or improvement that is outside everyone’s normal work experience.  Facebook, Atlassian, American Greetings, Yahoo, and many other companies have done similar events, and it seemed like a great idea to try out here at Findaway.

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The headaches of hosted data

30 Sep
September 30, 2012

Many companies use vendor bought solutions for their CRM and ERP systems. There are many benefits to this, especially if you do not have a large IT staff in house to develop and support it. Findaway fits this scenario, and it works for us very well to meet our business needs. However, it is my job to keep all our data in that hosted cloud environment synced with our local SQL Server environment. In my 3 years here, this has proved to be very challenging a lot of times, and needless to say quite time consuming. I am a SQL dude by trade, which I am awesome at by the way, but I spend a good amount of my time tracking down issues between the 2 environments, as it’s not real time syncing.

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