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20 Jun
June 20, 2013

Recently, a co-worker commented that it would be nice if I had a configuration file. This individual suggested a change to my configuration file that would result in more detailed output when questioned about project status would be nice.  An idea that sounded really intriguing! Fortunately for me, I’m no robot. I was configured by my parents years ago. That said, here is my current configuration file…
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Batman Uses Google

08 Mar
March 8, 2013

No Superman

If you think back to your childhood (or maybe the last Comicon) I am sure most of you can relate to the following conversation:

Sam: Superman would kick Batman’s butt! He can fly! He is super strong!

Jason: Batman has the Batmobile, and would just ….

Timmy: Hulk Hogan would body slam both of them and then run wild on Spiderman!

Everyone: Shut up Timmy!

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EBG-13 naq lbh. (ROT-13 and you.)

10 Oct
October 10, 2012

So recently we’ve been working on encryption issues; implementing secure encryption between Java on a mobile device and Python on the server. Nothing too difficult, though it can be tedious making sure all the proverbial t’s are dotted and i’s are crossed. During a recent stand-up meeting I joked that if we needed to meet an upcoming deadline, I could implement an implementation of ROT-13 encryption pretty quickly, which would work for appearances sake.

Rather than the round of hearty laughter I was expecting at my witty retort (they are called stand-up meetings for a reason, yes?) I was met with confusion. People didn’t know what ROT-13 was! This made me feel sad, and old. (That, or they didn’t think my joke was funny, which seems rather unlikely.) In order to rectify this situation, here’s a short rundown of ROT-13. Read more →

Project Vermont (And Back)

12 Sep
September 12, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to go to my cousins wedding in Vermont. For a variety of reasons, I had only three days in which to drive to Vermont, attend the wedding, and drive home. I had never driven for more than several hours solo, so I was a little nervous about the twenty-five or so round trip hours. Because of some strategic choices I made, the trip was (spoiler) a huge success, and all of that time gave me the chance to wax philosophical about solo project management, Findaway style. Here are a few of my observations…

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You did what with your free time?

07 Aug
August 7, 2012

On any given day when you enter “Building 2″ at Findaway World, you’re likely to find a couple of people playing FIFA on the Xbox that is hooked up to a projector in our common area. There may be a few others watching the game and providing play by play, color commentary, and tactical advice. It looks a bit like a college dormitory on the surface, but dig a little deeper and there’s more going on. Read more →

IT and Teamwork

06 Aug
August 6, 2012

IT and Teamwork.

It’s a Win-Win for This Department!

Just a few guys with some crazy enthusiasm for playing FIFA. That’s all it was to start. Blow off some steam. Clear your head. And then back to work. Just a fun distraction. But then it got serious. Tournaments. Brackets. The whole 110 yards, or pitch, as it’s called.

Everyone loved it on the big screen regardless if they ever put a cleat to a ball. We worked together as a team and it spilled over to our camaraderie in our work. Could it get any better than this? Yes it could. What if we combined all our gaming skills and our team spirit and took it to the pitch?? A real football (soccer) club.

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Findaway Time

03 Aug
August 3, 2012

Dilbert's take on Google Time

In an effort to spice up the daily work life of my team, give them freedom to develop something new, and provide added value to the business, I decided to create “Findaway Time,” inspired by Google’s 20% time.

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QA Testing in a Nutshell -or- One Man’s Descent Into Madness

24 Jul
July 24, 2012

If I worked at a doorknob factory testing doorknobs, it would be safe to say that at least once a week the doorknob to the front door of my home would turn to ash in my hand.

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