How I survived SuiteWorld 2012

15 Mar
March 15, 2013

The purpose of this trip was to attend SuiteWorld 2012 (NetSuite’s annual customer conference for customers, users, partners, media and industry analysts) and gain as much out of it as possible.

Considering there were 1000 more attendees this year than last year (and it was completely sold out) it was quite a challenge to attend all the breakout sessions which I had added to my agenda.

NOTE: These “track” sessions were so popular, that certain rooms were not large enough to handle the number of people wanting to attend these breakout sessions. This will be resolved by NetSuite next year in hosting SuiteWorld 2013  in San Jose to accommodate the extra people wanting to attend!

Although I attended several sessions during my 4 day stay at SuiteWorld, I would like to outline two of them in particular that I felt were of importance, although both were more on the technical side of things. The first was Advanced Platform APIs for Developers and the second was SuiteCloud Platform: The Road Ahead.

Advanced Platform APIs for Developers

This track session was intended for advanced programmers, and it was essentially to learn about the latest SuiteCloud APIs and how we can apply them in our scripts. This session covers a multitude of topics including Scheduled Script Management, custom plugins and the newly added SuiteAnalytics APIs. The latter was the main point of interest for most, as we spent more time on this topic due to the new ability to create Pivot reports by script.

Although it was repeatedly mentioned throughout the session that there is a good chance this new feature might not even make it to the cutting block, NetSuite still “wowed” us with the ability to add embedded formulas in our searches, and a new way to configure row and column hierarchy in pivot reports using the new API nlapiCreateReportDefinition. They also indicated that they would be adding the “or” functionality in searches.

SuiteCloud Platform: The Road Ahead

In this track session, the director of Product Management provided us with a view into the future of the NetSuite SuiteCloud development platform and then was open for discussion with developers and administrators on any SuiteCloud platform including SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk and SuiteBundler. There were two points of interest that caught my attention, and these might change how I develop and write scripts.

The first announcement they made was regarding SuiteFlow enhancements. Included in this topic was the mention that they will introduce the ability to access sublists within a workflow, which is a very nice addition to the SuiteFlow family.

Obviously, I do save the best for last (at least my personal favorite) and this is the introduction of the new SuiteCloud IDE. This is an eclipse plugin that Evan Goldberg (Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board) quickly demonstrated how it works in his Keynote, however we went more in depth in this track session on how this can help all the developers writing scripts. This will allow access to multiple NetSuite accounts, including Sandbox and will also allow for sophisticated code completion with regards to API, fields, and records. In addition, the new plugin also projects templates for all script types and functions in your JavaScript code (therefore you don’t need to write it up each time).

Overall, a GREAT experience attending SuiteWorld. I met a lot of Administrators, partners, new resources, and even made some new contacts along the way. I learned new things while attending all the various track sessions that occurred during the 4 day event.

Would I do it again? Absolutely

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