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07 Sep
September 7, 2012

A few weeks ago I finished a project that would allow our printing on demand process to print out information directly on inserts instead of having to manually create labels and stick them on the inserts by hand. My last blog post was actually all about that. After the completion of that project our sales department wanted to add more to the project. The goal was to allow for the spine labeling portion of the program to become fully automated and read the information for the spine right out of Marc records. Marc records are a type of file our company uses that contain information about audio and video titles we have. To accomplish this task I would need to create another program and adding to the existing program.

The first part of this project involves creating a template builder. This is a tool that will be used by a sales admin, working with libraries, to set up what data the libraries want on the spine of their inserts. Each library is different and uses this spine label for cataloging their products on their shelves. This means every library would need their own customized templates. There are 6 different categories(fiction, non fiction, biography, adult, young adult, and juvenile) for these templates and 2 different products(playaway and view) which would make a total of 12 templates for each library. After these templates are created they are stored in a SQL database where the main insert labeling program will be able to read them.

For the second part of this project I will have to make changes to the existing application.  In the excel document used to insert text on the spine, the template name will need to be filled out. The program will identify the customer name and it will look up the different templates from SQL. Once this is done, it will need to read the Marc record associated with that specific title and build the spine based on what information from the Marc the templates says to grab.

Once this is all done I think this software will deliver exactly what the customer is looking for and save time and money on our end from having to do all of this work manually. My current goal is to have this all done by the end of the month.

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