“Support” Roles in the Contemporary Workplace

18 Mar
March 18, 2013

Development positions rely on self-study, subject matter expert consultations, and a healthy dose of Google. What happens, though, when the issue at hand is not a matter of syntax, but one of personal support? What happens when, due to illness or injury, the developer’s ability to produce quality code is suddenly diminished?

Findaway World Core ValuesAt Findaway World, the answer to that is that colleagues and management pitch in when asked and quite simply “find a way.” It isn’t just a slogan or sound bite. This is really the way we operate. When I recently found my capabilities diminished by a chronic medical condition, my coworkers and management team immediately came to my assistance and bent over backwards to see that I have every opportunity to succeed going forward. Make no mistake, expectations of me were not lowered. Instead, I was respectfully afforded the ability to express my unique needs, while being gently but firmly informed that the situation must be resolved if I am to remain in my current role. In short, I was expected to “Take Responsibility,” but also found that others went out of their way to “Give Respect.”

I am forever grateful to my team for showing me incredible support in my time of need. I am as proud to work among an incredible group of Findawayers as I am to call myself one.

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