The headaches of hosted data

30 Sep
September 30, 2012

Many companies use vendor bought solutions for their CRM and ERP systems. There are many benefits to this, especially if you do not have a large IT staff in house to develop and support it. Findaway fits this scenario, and it works for us very well to meet our business needs. However, it is my job to keep all our data in that hosted cloud environment synced with our local SQL Server environment. In my 3 years here, this has proved to be very challenging a lot of times, and needless to say quite time consuming. I am a SQL dude by trade, which I am awesome at by the way, but I spend a good amount of my time tracking down issues between the 2 environments, as it’s not real time syncing.

We use a product called Boomi, which uses web services to connect into our hosted ERP/CRM system Netsuite. Web services can be very slow, especially when Netsuite caps our throughput for much of the day, which causes us to do most of our data syncing over night when there is no traffic. Most of the time this works ok with the processes I’ve built in SQL Server because a lot of it is reporting that does not have to be precise to the minute, just the day. There are however those exceptions where we need nearly real time changes to be pulled in. There are also limitations put on us by Netsuite and Boomi that forces us to develop custom workarounds to get the data we need. All in all, it is highly annoying and a pain in the you know what. But as always, we take care of business.  I’m sure there are a ton of benefits to hosted data, but for the guy that has to do all the work to keep everything synced up, it can be very challenging and time-consuming.

So that’s just a quick thought on how I spend a lot of my weeks at times. But overall I can’t complain. Who would listen anyways?  On a personal note, real pumped that Dumb and Dumber 2 is back on. Oh and I saw the Tribe fired Manny Acta with 6 games left. WTF? If someone has started a petition online for the Dolans to sell the team, please lemme know how I can sign my name. I’m tired of watching crap baseball. I already watch enough crap football with the Browns. But the beer is always cold, so what do we care? I’m out. Peace.

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