Where are those netsuite country codes?

22 Mar
March 22, 2013

I ran into a problem this week where I discovered that our integration software (boomi) didn’t have the proper country maps, therefore leaving country blank on some of our sales orders.  We hadn’t run into the problem in the past because most of our sales were US and Canada, but now that we have various other countries, someone noticed that several sales orders had no country attached.  Digging in, I noticed that we use a cross reference table that had very incomplete data.

Netsuite accepts countries with a very peculiar scheme, so I needed to find netsuite’s mapping, not a general ISO code mapping.  (For example, netsuite wants the US to be passed in as “_unitedStates”.)  Like a true developer, I pulled out my favorite tool for solving this problem … google.  The problem was that I just couldn’t find the answer from any links I’d click on.  Google seemed to have no reference to these country codes.  Feeling alone and abandoned, I moved on to finding my way around netsuite documentation, eventually remembering that netsuite had developer documentation (somewhere).  Sure enough, I found the record guide, and it had my country codes.

Schema Enumeration Country Code
Afghanistan _afghanistan AF
Aland Islands _alandIslands AX
Albania _albania AL
Algeria _algeria DZ
American Samoa _americanSamoa AS

Not only did it have my countries, but it had a whole bunch of other useful information for trying to interact with netsuite.  Now I can put this link in my bag of tricks to use next time.  So if you can’t figure out the right thing to pass in the country field, don’t forget the record guide and other documentation for developers.  Sometimes google doesn’t know all, and it’s all about digging around and finding the right documentation or code that shows you the way.

Jason Lutz

Jason is the IT Manager at Findaway World but is a developer at heart.  He loves to solve technical problems and get stuff done.

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