IT and Teamwork

06 Aug
August 6, 2012

IT and Teamwork.

It’s a Win-Win for This Department!

Just a few guys with some crazy enthusiasm for playing FIFA. That’s all it was to start. Blow off some steam. Clear your head. And then back to work. Just a fun distraction. But then it got serious. Tournaments. Brackets. The whole 110 yards, or pitch, as it’s called.

Everyone loved it on the big screen regardless if they ever put a cleat to a ball. We worked together as a team and it spilled over to our camaraderie in our work. Could it get any better than this? Yes it could. What if we combined all our gaming skills and our team spirit and took it to the pitch?? A real football (soccer) club.

We looked into some leagues. At night. Some games started at 10:00 pm. We signed up.

FC Findaway was born.

Of course we gotta have shirts. And they will be orange. We had jerseys designed by our in-house creative guru, Laura Biel. Got everyone’s name and chosen number on the backs. Now what?

A few practices ensued. Sometimes you forget how much running and fitness is involved with playing a full length soccer match—especially as you age! As an added challenge, a number of our players had never played the game before.

As the season began, we were repeatedly schooled by the better teams. Yet everyone showed up week after week. No one was dejected. Everyone just wanted to play. It was awesome. We began to hit our stride midway through the season, and by the end we were playing some great football!

I think being a part of this team was a rewarding experience for everyone. We got some great exercise, developed a real off screen appreciation for the game, and just had fun. But most of all, we pulled together as a team which is the key to any success on or off the field.

We are ready to begin again in the fall and are recruiting new players as I write.

Special shout out to Rob Tandy for being the impetus for getting the club started. You rock, man!

When you get to go to work every day doing what you love to do and also playing the game you love to play, it doesn’t get much better than that..

Thanks, Findaway World!

I’m lovin’ it.

Craig Roman

Craig Roman

Craig is a Systems Administrator with Findaway World and manages all computer/network infrastructure and software support for the organization!

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